Meditation Gardens and Visionary Art

Art Quilt Motifs for Page for Transition Portals - Meditation Gardens


Meditation Gardens

Created by Nancy Smeltzer

Have you ever wondered what your personal place of comfort and solace would look like? In today’s stressful life, everyone can use a quiet place in which to reflect and find peace. However, that site does not need to be a physical location. Through meditation practices, and being in inner quiet, one can find that place of refuge inside of themselves. However, for many, “being with their being” becomes much easier if they have a picture of what that place looks like. That’s where visionary art comes into play. By tapping into a person’s energetic being, I can “see” what the Divine shows me as to how to craft that sanctuary garden for each person in my mind as a piece of quilted and beaded art. I slip into a place of connection with the fabric, ribbon, flowers, lace, and other materials that I am directed to pull from the stash in my studio, and the energy of the art work waiting to be born and I dance together in order to craft a special garden based on an individual’s unique energy field.

Here is such an example that I made for my friend, Keith Allen Kay.

"Keith's Garden" - a meditation art quilt

 For more information on this specific art quilt, see the blog posting where I described the construction of “Keith’s Garden“, © 2012. SOLD, but similar piece = $2,800 US


Another example called “Dalton’s Garden”, © 2012, SOLD, but similar piece = $2,800 US

"Dalton's Garden" - an art quilts based on tapping into a person's energy field

You can read more about the construction of this piece by reading the blogs about it starting at…. “Dalton’s Garden” Completed


This piece is called “Milly’s Garden”, © 2012 and is based on my Mother’s energy field, NFS,

but similar piece = $2,800 US

A framed contemporary art quilt embellished with buttons and beads based on tapping into a person's energy field

More about the construction of this piece can be found at…

Milly’s Garden” Completed


This piece is based on a friend’s energy field and is called “Garden for a Sky Warrior” – © 2013, For Sale = $2,800 US

Contemporary beaded art quilt - "Garden for a Sky Warrior"

More about the construction of this piece can be found at…

“Garden for a Sky Warrior” Progresses


My personal energy piece of my “Medicine Area” where I do my healing work… NFS, but similar piece = $2,800 US

"Medicine Area" - a contemporary, beaded visionary art quilt - full view



To enter the garden through the portal, focus on the golden window(s) in the particular piece to which you feel drawn. (You can visit someone else’s garden, even if it wasn’t designed specifically for you.)

Allow yourself to become centered and connected in with the Earth’s energy in whatever way is natural for you. For myself, I need to at least have my feet on the floor as I am seated, with my hands resting on my thighs, palms facing upwards in order to tap into the Universal Stream of Consciousness. Sometimes, as the session continues, I raise my hands, tapping my fingers slowly back and forth, much as a spider works her web, receiving information about her surroundings. This motion activates the small chakras that we have in the palms of our hands.

While focusing on the golden window, say the following commands until you feel that you’ve come to a place of peace with that phrase. Then, move on to saying the next phrase. Don’t worry if you don’t know if you’ve finished with a particular phrase, as this work is cumulative, and you will just pick up with clearing whatever needs to be cleared in order to easily move into a place of piece with your next session.

Say these commands:

  1. “Come through the opening, move into the Light”
  2. “Move through the garden, begin the Flow”
  3. “Connect with your Being, connect with All”
  4. Feel the Peace, know the Joy, fill with Love”

Do not be surprised if strong feelings come up, as for many, opening their hearts to Divine Love is a new experience and there may be many past blockages in your unconscious that start to arise. Allow as much of the emotions to surface as you feel comfortable with. This work is not about “trauma drama”, but allowing Love and Peace into your life. Some of you may not feel very much at all at first, but perhaps a slight “knowing that something is changing” will arise. Accept whatever the Universe has designed for you to experience that day as what is in your best and highest interests for that day. The next session may, and probably will, be different. I would suggest that you set aside at least 20 minutes three times a week in the beginning to actually look at the picture as you say the commands. After a while, you will be able to see the image in your mind, and won’t need the actual picture anymore, and you can be in your garden of peace in the middle of chaos at the office or when you’re stuck in traffic.

Please send me comments on your experiences, as I’d love to hear about them, post them with your permission, and offer any advice or answer any questions that you may have.

Thank you for helping to make the planet a better place by creating peace in your own being, by using my art as spiritual touchstones…

Love to your heart,

Nancy Smeltzer

To find out how to have a Meditation Garden commissioned for yourself, see “How to Buy my Art Work” or “Contact Me” which are in the Page section in the right hand navigation bar on the Home page. Prices for a 16″ x 20″ (40.5cm x 51cm) including the frame start at $2,800 US. Shipping is extra, but I’ll work with you to make it as economical as possible. I look forward to making your dreams of peace and tranquility come true as you gaze into the image of your own personal energetic garden.


  1. Susan says:

    I used Keith’s garden for the meditation. I received “I love, I create, I enjoy.” Great mantra to start the day!

    Thank you for sharing these amazing pieces and your heart.

  2. Dear Susan, my take is that Gaia, or the Divine Feminine speaks to each of us in whatever language is appropriate given our own personal experiences. I LOVE your Gaia command, as it is actually part of a longer sequence for Divine Joy. You might want to check out my other blog at… where I write about more of my metaphysical. long distance healing work. Just started it two weeks ago, and I’m already on the first page of Google for several niches. Thanks so much for writing about how the phrases affected you.

  3. I am not a quilter, but I am a beader! This is what attracts me to your work! I am very interested in “bead embroidery” techniques and love Sherri Serafini’s works. I have a page on FB called “Maggie’s Creations” where i post stuff that I’ve most recently made. However, not everything gets on there because i don’t always have time to photo and post everything. Pleas send me your newsletter! Thanks!

  4. Dear Maggie, thanks so much for your enthusiastic support and for signing up for my mailing list. The newsletter isn’t up and running yet, as I’m working on my healing web site right now, but you did get on the e-list and will be one of the first to receive the first newsletter. I know what you mean about trying to be on Facebook and keep photos up. For me, this blog has gotten the most impact. Check out this coming Thursday’s posting on the continuing saga of the “Medicine Area” art quilt that I wrote about last week. Welcome to the site!

  5. tina fuller says:


  6. Dear Tina, I, too, lose myself in my work. I call it the Creative Free Flow. and for me, it’s when I breathe it into the piece and the piece breathes into me. When I surrender to what the art work wants to be is when I get my best work!

  7. Julie says:

    I am very happy to have found you today. I enjoy all forms of artistic creativity including fabric/beads/embroidery and painting. My trouble is my imagination, it is not very fruitful. It had not occurred to me to combine my art with my meditation practice. This makes complete sense and I am looking forward to giving it a go.
    Heading over to transitionportals now for a peak.
    Julie _/\_

  8. Dear Julie, How exciting for you to have discovered a new way to create. For myself, I call it “creative free flow” which is a state of being where you and the medium are one and the same. It’s a very easy state to access, and one that I often teach my clients who are in artistic fields. Why not try when you are in touch with whatever materials that you use to create your work, go into meditation, since that sounds as if you can already do, and let the materials “tell” you what to do next. It’s a very freeing experience, once you get rid of the NEED to control…:)

  9. M.E. says:

    Love your work – very inspirational! I am just beginning a new piece now…your art work and your words have affected me and will be present in my own work. I am grateful to you for sharing your art, energy and insights.

  10. Thank you so much for your kind words. I was wondering exactly about my work that you liked, as I want to start a series of pieces that explain my techniques, and wondered if you had any that you would like to see…. Thanks for your help, Nancy

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