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Winners of the Quirky Contents in Your Studio Contest!

Anna Schuler's bird's nestThe clean-up in my yard from Hurricane Sandy is taking WAY longer than I expected, so I apologize for the delay in announcing the winners of the “Quirky Contents in Your Studio” Contest. I want to thank Wendy for talking about her sampler book. On the left is a photo from Anna Schuler’s web site of the cool bird’s nest, although it looks like the rest of her studio has some interesting things in it, too. Be sure to click on the link to her web site to see more of her beautiful art work.

Tresures from my studioSo what do Wendy and Anna get for their efforts? I started rooting through my button and bead jars to look for something that I thought most people wouldn’t have. I came across the black wooden incense bottle in the center of the photo, and thought that it qualified. From North Africa, they’re about 3.25″ or 8.25 cm tall. The ball cap screws in, and looks to me like a miniature person with an interesting stone for a navel. The large black, white and red paper covered round bead to the left came next, and then the copper faceted rondelles on the right. What I wanted to do was to give a small stash of goodies that might be incorporated into a small sampler, or not. I invite Wendy and Anna to incorporate them into their own media as they see fit, and should they choose, send me photos that I’ll post on this blog. I’ll be making a small sampler, too. Now, that doesn’t mean that the rest of you can’t play, too. Should the above colors and shapes inspire you, then by all means, send me a photo of how you used them in your media. then send me the photos to… info@fiberfabtasies.com. Meanwhile, Wendy and Anna, please send me your mailing addresses off-line to the above email address, and I’ll get you your goodies in the mail as soon as I can. Thanks for playing along.