How to Buy my Art Work

I have for sale many of my art quilts. You can view them in the portfolio section on my portfolio web site at If you’re interested in buying one of those, then please contact me…details at the bottom of this page.


I love to create commissioned work and giving life to someone’s needs and visions. A specialty of mine is interpreting others’ dreams onto fabric. I’ve found that the pieces that have turned out the best were those where the buyer did not try too much to control the actual image, but allowed me to create something special for them. It would help if before contacting me, you’ve looked over my portfolio and you’re able say what you did or didn’t like about specific pieces. I have no problem working within a budget, size constrictions, or color choices as I know that the work must be able to fit in your environment.

Price is determined by the complexity of the piece and degree of hand sewing. All of the pieces in my portfolio have prices on them, but many of my less expensive pieces haven’t been photographed. With appliqué and quilting done on a sewing machine and minimal beading and buttons, the look and feel of my work can still be quite affordable, say $675 US for a piece that’s about 1 foot (31 cm) square and moderately beaded. I have done them for less using mostly machine quilting and a few buttons.

After agreeing on a price, and color choices, I’ll send you some fabric swatches and some beads I’m considering. After those are approved, and a 1/3 non-refundable deposit has been paid, I’ll begin cutting out the fabric pieces and arranging the base of the composition. Some of the larger buttons and beads will be pinned in place, and then I’ll send you photographs via email for you to approve. Once that phase has been completed, another non-refundable 1/3 of the cost is due. After receiving that amount, I begin finishing the piece. If it’s a really complicated piece, I’ll send you periodic updates of how the piece is progressing. When the piece is finished, the final non-refundable 1/3 of the cost of the piece is due and once it clears my bank or PayPal, and I then ship it, invoicing you for the cost of shipping via UPS. Insuring the piece is most of the cost of shipping and will range from $50-$350 in the U.S. Note – For hanging purposes, each piece has a 4″ or 10.25cm wide sleeve on the upper edge which will handle the ends or finials on most drapery rods that you might choose for hanging the piece on your wall.

The time needed to complete a piece varies depending on its complexity and size. To give you an example, a 3 cm (approximately 1″ x 1″) square of intensive beading takes about one hour to complete. I’d plan on about 4 months to a year from start to finish for a piece 41”W x 38”T (104 cm W x 96 cm T) to be completed.

(See  “Dreamscape”, #7 in the portfolio scrolling bar on the right of the page for the size and detail needed to complete a piece in a year.)

Let’s talk and see how we can work together.

I’d love to give form and shape to your vision.

Nancy Smeltzer, 305 N. Scarlet Oak Lane, Hendersonville, NC 28791 USA



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