Contest Still On – What’s the Quirkiest Thing you Have in Your Studio?

Smashed battery waiting to be embellished on an art quiltThe contest is still on until the end of October 31, 2012 for you to comment on the original blog about quirky, embarrassing things, and tell us what is yours in your studio. Photos not necessary, just give us a description of what is unusual, embarrassing, quirky… you get to define it. (However, if you send me a photo at, I’ll make sure it gets posted in a future blog.) I thought I’d post a photo here of one of my finds that some people would find embarrassing, but I’m actually rather proud. It’s of a squashed battery that I found in the street. (It used to drive my ex nuts when I would pick up “trash” from the street!) The label is worn away and the top where the terminals were is detached from the casing so it looks like a face. The edges of the rim split, and look to me like little hands. This is actually the second squashed battery that I’ve found. In my blog about a small art quilt called “Heart Tribe“, the third photo down, on the left, shows how I fastened on one of the batteries as if it’s a papoose.

So, join in the fun. Go to this blog and write a comment about what you have in your workspace that somebody might find unusual. I thought it might be fun to hear what other people think is quirky. In the comments section, please tell us about the most embarrassing thing that you’ve kept for a future piece of artwork. I’ll award prize(s) for the ones that I find the most compelling/unusual/quirky. The contest will run until the end of Oct 31, and the prize(s) will be a small stash of some of my treasures mailed to you for you to include, or not, in your own medium. Since here in the States, Oct. 31st is Halloween, I think this would be a great time to be a little wild and crazy. Want to play???? Tell us about one of your most embarrassing saves for some future art/creativity project and receive a stash of my trash (I mean “treasures”!)

So, please join in and tell us what you have that might fit into this category. I promise not to tell any of your relatives!


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