“A Garden for a Sky Warrior” Progresses

Work in progress of a Meditation Art quilt, "A Garden for a Sky Warrior"Nancy Smeltzer, MFA

Last week, I posted about auditioning fabrics for this contemporary, beaded art quilt, “A Garden for a Sky Warrior”. Visionary art can be so much fun to do, because I tap into a person’s energy field and “see” where would be the perfect place for this person to meditate and energetically play. The man who was the inspiration for this piece was in the military this lifetime, but in past lifetimes, I see him as more of a Jedi Knight. In my vision, he traveled across galaxies to fight for Universal Good, swashbuckling from one adventure to the next and defending those who needed it.

One time, he explained how he had learned in the service to sight by the stars, so I know that that’s why the grid pattern and crossed bands appear in this piece. We had a discussion once about how the South Sea Islanders had lashed sticks to sight through at night. I once got to see one of these early navigational maps that a friend’s mother had gotten when she lived in Guam. I also saw some when I visited the Kon-Tiki Museum in Oslo, Norway. Thor Heyerdahl used these stick maps to sail across oceans in reed boats. I imagine that my friend whose energy field that I used for this piece had his own navigational system to use when his equipment would go down when he was out in the galaxies.

Detail of work in progress art quilt, "A Garden for a Sky Warrior"The area behind the portal was the tie dye circle that I talked about last week. It had a multitude of rays coming out from it, and beading it with lavender, blue, and gold beads was quite fun. I wanted to suggest perhaps a super nova that the Sky Warrior was escaping as he came through the gold portal window into the garden. Another possibility for that elaborate view is perhaps that it’s his individual energy signature that he used to propel him through the portal.  In this concept, he would use his own electromagnetic field to quickly move from one galaxy to another through his personal worm hole. Surrounding the window are three brass colored, star shaped, metal stampings that I had picked up somewhere in the distant past. They were one of those purchases that I didn’t know exactly how they would be used, but that I HAD to have them.

Detail of work in progress of the art quilt, "A Garden for a Sky Warrior"The actual garden in this art quilt is more like a marsh. I have a large number of Iris pseudocorus , a yellow iris that lives in shallow water and damp ground after which the fleur-de-lis is patterned. That 3 petaled design of French royalty is also sometimes used in a compass rose to indicate directions on a map, and this links this piece to not only a garden but a sky map for my friend’s energy. In the dark blue sky, you can also see some of the web-like patterning that was on the original fabric. I enhanced it with light blue seed beads to give a twinkle to this night sky.

Maps, the night sky, gardens, travel, and lots of adventures are some of the things that I know about my friend’s interests, so it’s not surprising that they would show up energetically in this piece. My take is that we each have a unique colorful field of energy around us, and can’t help ourselves when it comes to creating our personal spaces. MY gift is that I can tap into that field and see the perfect place for that person to p;ay and meditate. I’m grateful that my friend let me “borrow” his energy for this piece.

If you were going to make a drawing or map of your energy field. what motifs and designs would you choose that are already a part of your life? Given that as an artist, you have full “artistic license”, what elements would you like to include in a map of your energy?

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