The Visionary Art Quilt,”Medicine Area”, Part Two

"Medicine Area" Meditation Art Quilt after first day of embellishing with buttons and beadsNancy Smeltzer, MFA

This photo shows the “Medicine Area” visionary art quilt after the first day of embellishing with buttons and some beads. When compared to the previous posting about this quilt, as you can see, I sew pretty fast when I’m inspired. I solved the problem of how to deal with the large area of gold fabric at the top and in other areas of the quilt by using a transparent, gold ribbon sewn in horizontal lengths. Unfortunately, in the photo, because of the angle of the photographic lights, the ribbon appears to have a red cast, when in reality, it’s really quite gold. Not to worry, because in later photographs, you’ll see that much of the ribbon gets covered over anyway by seed beads.

As you look around the middle and lower pools, you’ll alsoDetail of "Medicine Area" visionary art quilt see a lot more buttons than were in the first blog about this piece. To the lower right of the portal square, are some small square buttons. These are actually square mirrors. I’m already using this piece for my own meditations, and as my new spirit guide, Brian Baker, continues to show me more and more of this healing cave, I can see that the walls are covered with shining crystals. That’s what the square mirrors are supposed to simulate. You can also see a half circle of gold chain maille rings stiched down with purple embroidery floss around the purple outcropping on the upper left. These outlines of circles suggest the round shape of the more traditional buttons that are always included in my art quilts. I like to use repeating patterns in different sizes, colors, and whether it’s a solid or outline shape.

Detail of a visionary art quilt, "Medicine Area"The square mirror buttons are much easier to see in this last detail shot. Square buttons can be hard to place, as they have to be sewn on just so and tightly, as it’s obvious when they’re crooked. Just off to the right of center, just below the middle pool, is a large bronze, curved metal feather. Another of my spirit guides uses a golden eagle as his totem animal, so that feather is to honor him. The golden steps, edged in black that lead down from each pool to the other are more visible in this photo. Obelisk like fabric motifs, surrounded by circles. were cut from a fabric from Africa, and were used to suggest the sacred quality that I feel about this piece.

This small art quilt, which is the same size as my other Meditation Art series measures 16″ x 20″ (40.5cm x 50.5cm), but is filled with many reverent sensations for me as I stitch on it night after night. When I hold it up at the end of the night at a distance to see how the work is going, I feel honored that I’m being shown the image for this piece by my spirit guides. This piece, I’m told, is for me to keep, and I certainly am glad that it’s chosen to stay with me, too.

 Have you ever had pieces of art work that you just knew that you were meant to keep? How do you decide which to keep and which to sell? For me, the ones that I sell were never mine to keep from the first second that I started them. How do you make your decisions?

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